Deb Webb Chicago Artist
Since 1996 Deb Webb has made over 50 television appearances locally and worldwide performing belly dance, burlesque and assisting in  magic.
(we'd even love to add a clip from the Count Midnight show if we can figure out this so called flash gadget)...because:
"The Count Midnight Show " is where you can see Deb Webb make appearances as a semi regular guest (interviewed for movie appearances and also giving Count Midnight a dance lesson in burlesque!)

(left photo): Brook Burke & Deborah Webb on "E!" Network (World Wide Cable)
(middle photo): NBC  Channel 5 Chicago
(right photo): Count Midnight(r)  & Deb Webb, Joliet Cable Challen 6, JCTV

Televised appearances include:
    "Ben Loves Chicago"
    NBC Channel 5 Morning News    
     WGN Channel 9 Morning News
    "Wild On (Chicago)" Cable's E Network broadcast worldwide (Giving Brook Burke a lesson in belly dance, 1999)
    Hong Kong News Television Channels
    "190 North"
    WTTW Chicago Channel 11
    "Count Midnight Show (r)" Joliet Cable Channel 6, JCTV
    and more!
* All Deb's costumes, make up, and hair styling by Deb Webb *