Deb Webb Chicago Artist

Recent Movies Deb Webb appears in include "Hare Snare", "National Vampire" & "House of Black Wings"...

(left film still) "Hare Snare" by Ye Mimi (an accomplished internationl poet) features Deb Webb in a documentary about dance, personas, and long is a poetry film that won 2'nd prize at an International Film Festival in Taiwan in Oct. 2007.

(middle photo)  In "National Vampire", a documentary by Geoff Harkness, 2006...Deb Web(b) is interviewed for working with vampires and for her association with 'goth' and vampire culture.  You can also see clips of her perform in a 'vampire magic show' painlessly taking a needle and levitating in mid air.

(right film still) "House of Black Wings" is losely scheduled to premier in Feb. 2009...a horror movie by Sword & Cloak Productions...Deb's character is yes, the mysterious haunting creature with black wings!  As the fiddler, Deb's character plays a haunting tune on violin in dreamscapes as an omen to the living.

(above) "You Oughts be in Fangs" by Death by Design. Co., Threewalls 2009
All Makeup, Hairstyling and Costumes in these movies by Deb Webb
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