Deb Webb Chicago Artist
Modeling & 'Custom Personas'

Modeling:  As a speciality model Deb has been modeling since 1985 for artists, art classes, functions and events...
Custom Personas:  As a performance artist Deb enjoys creating a personality or 'persona' for specific collaborative projects...


"I had the pleasure to meet Penthouse photographer Riko Phat -sp? who told me I really had a "very unique look! that's not something everyone has."  (2004)" With a strong east European background and natural long blonde hair, Deb is a thin, petit artist with training in theater, dance and movement.  Often invited to participate in collaboritive projects she creates personas with her own make up, costumes, props and hair styling (gypsy, vamp, zombie, diva, bat, etc.).  She thrives on experimental collaborative work and loves being creatively active! 

* All costumes, make up & hair styling by Deb Webb *
* "Blindfold" phogo by Schneberger / 'Light bulbs' photo by Ye Mimi*

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