Deb Webb Chicago Artist
Magic, Illusion, Assisting
As "Mistress Web(b)", "Mischevious Webb" and "Glam Magic Deb"...
    ...Deb Webb has performed in over 100 stage illusion shows worldwide, assisting in and sharing the stage with magicians from around the globe...
Deb especially loves publicity stunts, collaborative work and is always looking for new mystical opportunities.
Being a bit of a diva she has always performed almost exclusively in her own custom designed costumes which she creates to suit her own style, and to match the essence of those that she works with.

(Experience: assisting: swords, blades, head mover, escape arts, working with life animals, levitations, suspensions, needles, some fire, dissappearing candles, tip trunks, temples, castles, mentalism, zig zags, elaborate stage props & costumes, quick costume changes and more!)

* Photo on Right by Marjorie Anderson, Chicago Photographer *
* China dress: custom design by Sam's Taylor in Hong Kong *
* Gloves custom design by Deb Webb *
* 30 lb. crystal ball, made in China *
* All other costumes, make up and hair styling by Deb Webb *
c 2009 All Rights Reserved