Deb Webb Chicago Artist
Costume Design, (Sewing, Embroidery, Embellishment & Construction)

Deb Webb has earned a BFA in art from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago;
her concentration in fashion, fiber and performance art.  
Her mother taught her embroidery when she was 6 years old... there isn't one fiber she's 'afraid of' or can't sew (that she's tried)...

(many more costume photos to be stitched in here)

(left photo): "Skeleton Costume" (Photo concept by Deb Webb, Photo by Ye Mimi)
(middle photo): Custom Beaded Fringe "Jagged Stripes" by Deb Webb

(right photo): Custom Beaded Fringe "Jagged Tipped Salt & Pepper" by Deb Webb

...It is through costume design that Deb's performing arts personas exist.  She began hand sewing costumes in grade school, and to this day she  still constructs all of her costumes by hand.  She improvises as the garment evolves; very rarely using or following patterns.  She also has unique philosophies about the constructiono of garments and how they will function in motion;  specifically what effect they will make visually...embellished garments should float magically, and should not be weighted down...  and so on.  Her somewhat extravagant burlesque/cabaret  costumes are comically exaggerated caricatures of vaudeville and circus themes.  These costumes are "the real thing" constructed with stitches, not glue etc. Always using the finest "ingredients" and the traditional method.  Virtually every costume you see Deb wearing throughout this web page is an example of her work. (What ever costumes are purchased, they are significantly altered, embellished, re-finished and  re-constructed to customize a personal style.)

* All Deb's costumes, make up & hair styling are by Deb Webb *
c 2009 All rights reserved