Deb Webb Chicago Artist

SPRING 2010:
Burlesque Dance Class
Thigh highs lost forever  in your underwear drawer? A feather boa lost in your closet?  what about those fantastic 'shoes' you can't 'walk' in??  Bring them to burlesque class and learn some moves frm the Moulin Rouge!  Josephine Baker, Sally Rand, and Dita danced with bananas, fans  --a giant martini glass--  and so can you!  Grind like a showgirl, twirl a few tassels, pose like a pin-up.  Learn the essential moves to the ultimate feminine line in this teez-a-licious fun class.  One choreography per course.  Includes warm ups, healthy technique, real results (look good), floor show improv. overview, historic styles, and more.  You've got nothing to lose but a coupl'a gloves and even that will work to your advantage.  Gain confidence in yourself  and your self image.  No nudity, comfortable dance shoes recommended.  Instructor Deb Webb, ak.ka. Lily White Sass of the "Rockette Horror Picture Show" is an experienced international nightclub dancer with a lifetime in dance training and over 10 years with a dance master.

(* feather boas are always welcome in class *)

Scheduled 6 week courses:
Thursdays:    Feb. - April 1, 2010  9-10pm
                    April  8 - May 13, 2010,  9-10pm
                    May 20 - June 24, 2010,  9-10pm

$79 per 6 week course (membership discounts available)
Discovery Center
Lifelong Learning Centers
2940 N. Lincoln Ave., Chicago

Cardio Belly Dance
"You really glow" and "new love in your life?"  People will notice when you cardio belly dance!  Shimmy calories away, lean/practice healthy movement without stressing muscles, tendons or joints.  De-stress, unwind, fell better than ever with an intense, exciting, exotic work-out!  Work fingers, hands, feet, shoulders, neck, arms.  Tone stomach, bootie, thighs.  Strengthen back and legs.  Keep in shape, be good to your body, invest in your health, longevity and figure--and have a great time doing it!  Instructor Deb Webb, a.k.a. Devorah Wahab is an experienced international night club dancer with a lifetime in dance training and over 10 years with a dance master.

Scheduled 6 week courses:
Saturdays:    Feb. - April 3, 2010, 11am-Noon
                    April 10 - May 15, 2010,  11am-Noon
                    May 22 - June 26, 2010,  11am-Noon              

$79 per 6 week course (membership discounts avaliable)
Discovery Center
Lifeling Learning Centers
2940 N. Lincoln Ave., Chicago

2010 Calender of Events:

Deb Webb performs as Lily White Sass in Beast Women SPRING SERIES 2010
at Prop Theater in Chicago
Satuday Opening Show March 6, 2010
Saturday April 10, 2010
show starts at 10:30pm
Ticets are $15
See: to reserve tickets or for more information, including a spectacular line up of female talent!


* All Costumes Makeup and Hair Styling by Deb Webb *
 c2009 All Rights Reserved