Deb Webb
Chicago Artist
Dance & Art BIOS

Deb Webb is a dancer artist & instructor in Chicago.  As Lily White Sass she performs cabaret style burlesque.  As Devorah Wahab she performs belly dance.  She is currently teaching cardio belly dance & burlesque at The Discovery Center on Lincoln Ave. in Chicago and will expand to other venues in 2010 (see calender for updates).  Deb has studied dance since the age of 3.  Before that she used the table in the attic as a stage upon which she would proudly announce "And now--I'm going to do a show for you!".  Today all the world is a stage as she has traveled the globe performing in hundreds of shows, featured in over 50 television appearance worldwide.  Though her dance training was informal, she has studied 8 years of ballet and jazz, and also  trained with exceptional instructors from all over the world; her concentration with a dance master since 1992.  She continues to attend dance classes for the love of dance, for 'community'  and to always to learn more.
...Equal attention is devoted to the art of construction; Deb's mom taught her to sew when she was 6 years old, and she took to sewing like a fish takes to water.  What ever she was able to construct she did...
things that did not exist which she wished to create and collect became her addictive obsessions (geni bottle pillows, glass slippers, ruby slippers...)  Her childhood motto "I'll make it work" drove her to experiment  with materials of every variety at an early age--and to this day as well.  Enormous financial stress (in an era where alimony was not garnished from paychecks) only added flame to fire, provoking Deb; she was defiant to having "limitations".  By 3'rd grade she constructed a hand made geni costume (and tiny pillows for a geni bottle to boot); by 5'th grade a Wonder Woman costume...(drag queen trapped in a girls body?).  Today she still constructs and/or embellishes all of her costumes, props  and accessories --each 'one of a kind'.  From the flowers in her hair, to the glitter on her shoes, she has had a hand in nearly everything!  She holds a BFA in Art from The School of The Art Institute of Chicago (concentration in fashion, fiber, and performance art).  Not a day passes that she doesn't take at least 10 minutes to sew, she can always be found with a project 'on' her!  

...(may I ?)...
Deb Webb
Preachy 'Mission-like' Statement
Deb's mission is absolute, simple, heart felt and passion driven: to connect and collaborate with other artists and dancers, and to always remain creatively active!  Any and all physical and emotional limitations and/or catastrophes can and will be improved and/or resurrected through pure and genuine devotion as well as sheer addiction to: art, expression, movement, trying the impossible and "creating"--True magic!  Explore, learn more, go treasure hunting every day... really live!!  We need only make up our minds and make something happen in order to really create anything we desire.