Deb Webb Chicago Artist
Burlesque, Cabaret, Vaudeville

Glamorous Deb Webb a.k.a. Lilly White Sass "of the Rockette Horror Picture Show" is known as "the Godiva of Burlesque"...she has been performing in burlesque and vaudeville shows since 2003...


...As Fatima, her premier act was a rather bold, unsubtle and exaggerated style of belly dance.  The first act a fully covered "scarf dance"; the finale a more revealing 'dowry dance'.  (Inspired by the infamous traditions of "Ouled Nail" tribe dancers of Algeria & the Sahara, Fatima/Deb Webb is professionally trained in Midddle Eastern Dance).
As Glamorous Deb Webb and Lily White Sass her more recent performances are French and German inspipred with a classic, theatrical, cabaret style ... and are quickly becmoning experimental 'fantasy flavored' and one of a kind.

* All costumes, make up & hair styling by Deb Webb *

Photos by Hunter Mathews

 c 2009-2010, all rights reserved